Welcome to Cannery Flats at the Cannery District

The Flats is the 24/7 living component for the thriving Cannery District. The 52 residential units above the commercial ground floor, provide a range of living types; studio, one and two bed. The entry sequence and fourth-floor amenity provide all the comforts of home; bike garage, dog wash, package ship and receive station and ski storage. The incredible lounge and fitness center will be built with function in mind. When the day is over or just beginning you will enjoy the green space terrace with panoramic views of the Bridger Range while working the barbie.

Located in the third phase of the Cannery, the commercial component has an easy identity from the main District entries on Oak Street with its front door on the RailTrail.The residential entry, on the north side, is off the main drag, quieter and more discreet with resident parking and loading at hand.

As a final piece in the Cannery PD, the character and quality of the Flats is representative of agricultural industrial typology displayed throughout the District. Materials such as corrugated metal, wood, and concrete provide a scale and texture that is both enduring and of its time. The composition of these materials breaks down the overall mass of the project into forms that read the essential parts: base, entry, core, residence.

Bozeman Montana Cannery Flats Apartment Building

Some Key Features


Excellent Location

Cannery Flats is a short 5-minute walk to historic Main Street in downtown Bozeman where you will find everything from bars, restaurants, shopping to art galleries.


The design of the apartments will fit with the overall theme of the Cannery District project and will have a very modern yet rustic aesthetic.

Green Neighborhood

All of the existing buildings at the Cannery District are being completely rebuilt and made new again. You will find heavy timbers, corrugated steel, and materials from times past all used in this incredible project.


At Cannery Flats in the Cannery District, you will have lots of great neighbors. There is a brewery, a coffee shop, an amazing Sushi restaurant, and many other great businesses right outside your front door.

Preliminary Floor Plan

Cannery Flats will have a mixture of Studio, 1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom and 2 Bedroom • 2 Bathroom apartments.

Amenities at Cannery Flats

Bike Garage
Dog Wash Station
Package Ship/Delivery Station
Ski Storage
Fitness Room

Green Space Sky Lounge
Panoramic views of the Bridger Range
Barbeque Area

Cannery Flats Architectural floor plan drawing

Meet Your Neighbors

Cannery Flats will be the place to live in Bozman. Just outside your door in The Cannery District, there are incredible businesses like Patagonia, Planet Natural, The Barbershop & Shaving Parlor and many other great neighbors. Additionally located just outside your front door is 406 Brewing where you can enjoy some suds and you can even pop over to Lot G Cafe or Seven Sushi for a bite to eat or start your day at The Daily Coffee Bar. You will also be living just 1 mile from Main Street where all of downtown Bozman has to offer is. You will find wonderful coffee shops, restaurants and bars right down the street. 

View all the businesses at The Cannery District Here.

Make what is old new again

The goal of the entire development was always to celebrate the originality of the existing buildings and revitalize them into functional, modern-day versions of what they used to be. You can always build a new building, but to weave the old with the new and incorporate the rich history is what makes the Cannery District so special.

Have a look around the Cannery District

Cannery District Aerial Map

What is happening at the Cannery District

Highly Qualified Team


Michael L. Obloy


Michael co-founded Monroe Residential Partners. He is responsible for the company’s acquisitions, development, and construction management activities.

Michael brings 18 years of direct real estate experience to MRP. During his career, he has led the acquisition, development, construction, management, and sales of over 1,000 residential units, with a value in excess of $325M.


Andrew A. Friestedt


Drew brings 20 years of real estate development and hands-on business operating experience to his role at Monroe Residential Partners. He has developed over $1B of real estate across all asset classes, ranging from large mixed-use developments to regional malls.

Before founding Monroe Residential Partners, Drew was Chief Operating Officer at Centrum Properties, one of Chicago’s largest development companies.


Gary Kachadurian


Gary Kachadurian has over 30 years of real estate experience specializing in land and asset acquisition, construction, development, financing, and management. Mr. Kachadurian was formerly Chairman of ARA, the nation’s largest privately owned multi-housing investment advisory company. Prior to that, he was a Senior Managing Director for Global Business Development for Deutsche Bank Real Estate where his responsibilities included international fund development.

Barry Brown


The saying that you can take the boy off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the boy comes to mind when looking back on the history of the Cannery District project. I grew up on a wheat farm in Southwest Kansas and was immediately attracted to the agrarian history of the mill and pea cannery sites.

Scott Dehlendorf


I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but Montana has been where my heart is since I was teenager when our family bought a cattle ranch outside of Livingston. Every year during high school and college my summers were consumed working the ranch and exploring the outdoors. It was during that period of my life that I developed a strong connection to the land and love of Montana.

Lisa Tuckerman


Growing up on the east coast, I knew little of the West; but always spent summers exploring the woods and beaches of the sleepy island where we had a summer house and at girl scout camps. When I met my future husband, an avid skier, and boater, his destination was to get back to Montana, where he had earned a degree at the University of Montana.

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